Healthcare and insurance

Everyone who lives or works in The Netherlands must take out basic health insurance (standard package). The central government determines what is in the standard package. This is medically necessary care to which everyone is entitled. Health insurers determine what is included in supplementary insurance policies.

  • The main features of the standard package are the following:
  • The basic insurance is compulsory if you live or work in The Netherlands. Also for children.
  • The standard package is the same for everyone.
  • The standard package is determined by the government. The content may change annually.
  • The government also sets the amount of the deductible and the amount of the care allowance. No deductible applies to certain types of care, such as general practitioner care or obstetric care.
  • The government also determines the care for which you must pay a personal contribution. This is completely independent of the deductible.
  • You must accept a health insurer for the standard package.
  • The premium of a policy is the same for everyone. Everyone with the same policy pays the same, regardless of age or health.
  • Health insurers have a duty of care. They must ensure that everyone receives the care they need on time and within a reasonable distance.

If you want to register for health insurance in The Netherlands, you will require a citizen service number.
If you are not covered by Dutch health insurance, you risk being billed for the months you were not insured.